AFTERMATH is #1 Free App

AFTERMATH has reached #1 in the US Free Apps chart!

  1. Bob’s avatar

    It keeps saying my iTunes request cannot be completed. I have an iPad. What’s up?

  2. admin’s avatar

    Hi Bob! There will be an update out in the next few days which addresses this and will allow Aftermath to run on devices with iOS 3.1.3 and above. This should allow it to run on your iPad.

  3. cigarleaf’s avatar

    It’s Fun!! I wonder when the next update.

  4. Jaxx’s avatar

    It’s charging me 1.99 I thought it was free

  5. Ravi’s avatar

    Hi, I was playing Aftermath for many days on my Iphone 4. The problem I was facing is, I was not able to find a route (all the routes are blocked) in Rack the slide. Can you fix it?

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